Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Vaccination Day

West had his two month pediatrician appointment yesterday and he continues to impress us all with his rapid expansion and overall ginormitude. He now weighs 14lbs., 15 oz. and is 25.5 inches tall. That means that in the last month, he has grown 2 inches and gained more than 2 pounds. Surely he will fit into his bear hat in no time!

The doc was impressed by his growth and said he is extremely, and intensely, visual. When I asked him if West was on track developmentally, the doctor said "He's beautiful - you should write a book." We expect him to roll over any day now - he nearly managed it on the exam table.
The less nice part of the visit was that West had to have some shots. He handled it like a champ but had a rough night last night and has a fever today. Poor baby! He is doing a lot of sleeping and sucking on his imaginary pacifier. You can watch some of it in this video clip:

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