Thursday, September 18, 2008

So Happy Together

West is feeling much better this morning and we are celebrating by posting two new videos and a couple of pictures. In the first video, West discovers his feet for the first time. They seemed to hit it off but toward the end of the interaction West got a little cranky. I think it's because he couldn't get them in his mouth.
The second video captures something I get to see (and hear) every morning - lucky me! West has several mobiles, all of which he loves dearly, but he has a special relationship with the one that moves and plays really bad versions of classical music. That's the Mozart playing in the background - terrible, I know. He laughs when I turn it on in the morning and easily spends 15-30 minutes babbling, cooing, and giggling at it. I love this mobile as well because it allows me to take a shower and make coffee every morning - not to mention send out pictures and write blog posts!

Here are a couple of photos just for fun, including one of him seeing his feet for the very first time!

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