Sunday, September 21, 2008

Roll Over Beethoven!

West turned 11 weeks yesterday and he seems to think he is a big kid now because he celebrated by rolling over (from tummy to back) for the first time this morning. Tummy time, alas, will never be the same. In addition to rolling over, West can also laugh, squeal, screech (as demonstrated in the short video clip), smile, reach for objects, grasp a rattle (or other small object) and wave it around wildly, hold his head up as well as any grown-up, stand up on his own (if you hold his hands for balance), initiate a rudimentary game of peek-a-boo, suck on his hands, scoot himself forward (and sideways) on his stomach, drool a lot, sit up when propped up with a pillow, and bring his hands (and feet) together. As you can see, he is still cute.

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Kate said...

aw...i miss my boy.