Tuesday, September 7, 2010

School Daze

Today was West's first day of preschool!!! How many exclamation points can we use????!!! He did great, won the heart of his teacher, and played his heart out out, with minimal crying and an awesome 2 hour nap. He came home covered in paint and glitter, which to me sounds just about right.

Mama was there to document the day in photos (yes, I was That Parent) and West continued his super-cute streak. Here are just a few of his activities.
These aren't ponies ...

Ponies at last

Oooh ... Shiny

Preschool gives you wings!!!

Mmmmm ... waffles

These little piggies ...

The dance of the seven veils



Sarah said...

Looks like he had a fabulous first day. Lunch looked yummy too!

Kate said...

minimal crying on who's part?