Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Four Hour Tour

Our big ticket adventure in Monterey was a whale-watching trip. West loved it and saw tons of "big, giant whales" - humpbacks and blues and even a sei whale, of which there are apparently only 65 on the West Coast. The deckhand dressed West up like something out of the Ancient Mariner (an alternate title for this post) and, after a rough start, he got into the whaling/sea lioning/ottering/pelicaning/puffining/dolphining spirit.

Not the most flattering silhouette ...
This angle isn't any more slimming
Wakey wakey!
Where'd the whale go?

There it is!

Fun with hoods
Thar she blows!
Oh, and Tate was there too

He mostly looked like this

But he had his moments
And here are the real stars of the show


good lookin' said...
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Cali Gal said...

Great post Shani! Adorable pics... well at least of the boys, but the whales were pretty sweet too!