Saturday, September 4, 2010

A Very Full Day

West had a lot of adventures last Saturday and I happened to remember to grab the camera so you know what that means: blog post! We spent the morning at the Bay Area Discovery Museum and West made sure we got our money's worth by squeezing every last bit of stimulation out of those exhibits and activities. The kid is relentless when it comes to playing.
Our first stop was the Tot Spot with the ever-popular river (fishies and froggies and birdies oh my!!!). West donned a smock and had at it. For those of you who recall the Great Smock Incident of a few months ago, this was a Very Big Deal.
Off to the Arts & Crafts!
Waylaid by the sidewalk chalk and hula hoops
According to West, this is a snake
Momentarily distracted by a triangle sighting
Off to the playground
Wait - is that a triangle I see?
Captain Trouble

I'll bet I could climb that ...


Enjoying the view

Note the post-painting green streak in West's hair. Very punk rock
That kid's truck looks better than mine

I'll just hide it over here

Choo choo!!!

Headed home but Mom & Dad have one more trick up their sleeve ...

Behold - West's first In-N-Out burger

Complete with vanilla milkshake


Kate said...

I can't believe you got him to put on the smock! I though he was going to spontaneously combust last time.

Also Im glad to see he is still considering liking meat!

Anonymous said...

These are all great pictures!!