Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Happy Birthday!

This is a big week for birthdays - Auntie Kate and Grandma today, Mimi tomorrow. Happy birthday all! Since I can't send them a kid, I thought I'd share a boatload of photos from a fabulous birthday party we were lucky enough to be invited to last weekend. West got to see his old friends Matteo & Julian and it was a heck of a party with a Toy Story theme - two playgrounds, a huge lawn with soccer balls and a goal, a ballooon lady, a make-your-own alien mask arts and crafts station, a piñata (West pulled the winning string!) and wonderful food. Seriously - there are a lot of photos so get comfortable.

Juice pouch pic for Grandma

Our lovely hosts! Note my child taking advantage of the opportunity to blow out Matteo's candles

When I checked West's bag afterwards, it contained nothing but boxes of raisins. 11 to be exact. I am so proud!

Enjoying his haul

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Kate said...

a very nice present! id rather have the real thing though...

Aaron Ahearn said...

A really awesome photo collection. Worthy of all the awesome ladies it's celebrating.