Monday, February 21, 2011

Snow Day!

We took advantage of the long weekend and drove up Mt. Tam to take West and Tate to see snow. West  insisted that he saw penguins on the hillsides in Marin and that we were going to see 1) polar bears and 2) Santa. I think he forgot all about that once we got there (the cows and horsies en route helped). Long story short, he had quite a time - even going so far as to blow kisses to the snow when we left. Adorable. I took a lot of pictures and have two words for you: get comfortable. It's not my fault my kid is so darned cute.

First touch

"It's ice!"

And kind of awesome

First real snowball

Getting the hang of it

Bundled Tate

Under attack


For Grandma

Snow Jumping

Cold hands

Second wind

Snow bowling?

Bowing thank you kisses to the snow

One last jump


Kate said...

are you throwing SNOWBALLS at my neffie?!?!?!!?!?

Sarah said...

He is the cutest darn grandkid in the world