Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Puff Daddy

We were lucky enough to receive an invite to a fabulous, low-key birthday party for one of West's old daycare buddies at a playground. It was a clear, sunny day - and bitterly cold. Perfect weather for breaking out West's puffy vest! He headed out looking like something straight out of the pages of the J. Crew catalog.

Catalog, all the way

We've only been to this particular park one other time and hoo boy did he take to it. It has a number of death-defying pieces of equipment, including a crazy-fast slide. West and his gaggle of friends worked up quite an appetite before digging in to some mighty fine cupcakes and serenading the birthday girl with a heartfelt rendition of Happy Birthday to You! Tate, of course, slept through most of the excitement in the sling. West was so smitten with the new playground that he cried when it was time to go.

On to the next adventure

Bring on the cupcakes!


Hanging out with Jordan

Yay snacks!

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Sarah said...

Looks like a blast