Thursday, January 28, 2010

Throwing the Baby in with the Bath Water

Bath time is tons of fun in this house - we sing a special song (music and lyrics courtesy of yours truly) to mark the occasion, West has lots of fun toys to play with (Aaron does his fair share of playing with them too), sometimes I even blow bubbles. One of West's recent favorite bath activities is when he gets to act out everything we do to him (washing, rinsing, toothbrushing, etc.) on his bath-safe baby doll, Baby. He loves him (her?) and they have great fun together. We had a hard time getting West to do his usual cleaning routine with Baby - I guess he felt s/he was clean enough already. Thanks in part to Baby, West is learning his body parts (he can even say "eyes" - and does so on camera) and practicing excellent hygiene. In the second clip he does give in and washes Baby's hair - my apologies for the poor quality, especially the lighting and camera angles. Needless to say, this type of interaction bodes well for West's relationship with the sequel we hope to welcome in June.

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