Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Valley of the Dolls

Modern parents that we are, we got West two dolls recently - one that can go in the bathtub and one that can't. We really want to make sure that he is exposed to lots of different toys and experiences and for him to know that nothing is off limits for him. The above video shows one of his earliest interactions with his "babies". He definitely knows what to do with them - when we ask him where his babies are he runs over to the toybox, digs them out and brings them to us - but he is hardly obsessed with their care. We think his combination of feeding them, giving them open mouthed kisses, ignoring them, and throwing them on the floor is just right.

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Kate said...

way to have racially-diverse baby dolls. you two are the most progressive couple ever. but then again, you do live in san fran. damn hippies!!! ;)