Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Santa Baby

All week, we have been thwarted in our efforts to take West to see Santa. First we made a special trip to a fancy mall but they wouldn't let us get in line because Santa was going to take his break in half an hour. Yesterday we tried to go back (with better timing) but West failed to go down for his long winter nap and was not in a jolly sort of mood. We thought all was lost and that we were in for a Santa-less Christmas but lo and behold Mimi found out that a nearby Dollar Tree was having a visit from Santa today. West cooperated by being in the holiday spirit and we made it just in the (St.) Nick of time. While the Dollar Store Santa may not be as fancy as the mall Santa, he did the trick and made quite an impression on little West, who, I'm sure, is already looking forward to next year.

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Kate said...

CRACK SANTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!